Josef Hoflehner, photographer, black and white photography; Snowscapes, Iceland, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Yemen, Socotra, France



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Zanzibar - an island off the coast of Tanzania, known for it's sandy white beaches and traditional fishing boats - has proven to be perfect terrain for photographer Josef Hoflehner. A collection of more than 30 fine black-and-white photographs are published in this new book, a truly distinctive Josef Hoflehner monograph. Superbly printed in duotone on finest matt art paper, this first and only printing of ZNZ: Zanzibar is limited to 1,000 copies only.

About the Collector's Limited Edition:
The Limited Edition of ZNZ: Zanzibar comes with a signed silver gelatin print of the cover-image. Housed in a white, custom-made clamshell box, the Limited Edition is limited to 50 copies only, each signed and individually numbered.

Hardcover, 30x30cm / 12x12 inches
72 pages, numerous duotone plates
ISBN 978-39026000-9-7, Most Press, May/June 2011
Trade Edition of 1,000 copies (Available): €44.55
Limited Edition of 50 copies (Available): €363.64
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All content copyright © 2011 Josef Hoflehner